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Dwayne Adams - Bike Fitter

Team Wilpers Bike Fit

Dwayne began cycling in the mid-1990s. Since then, he has raced competitively on mountain, gravel, and road. Winning local and state Mountain biking championships. His cycling experience spans from Crosscountry to Downhill, Road, Gravel, Cyclocross bikes.

As his passion for cycling grew, Dwayne made the decision to leave his life as a Chef in 2010 to work full time in the cycling world. His tenure in the industry includes experience as a mechanic, a service/sales manager, and a bike fitter, a role he took on seven years ago. To date, he has fitted thousands of cyclists from beginners to well-known names to professional athletes.

Additionally, Dwayne holds Trek Precision Fit Level 2 and Retul Fitter Level 1 certifications. His passion as a cyclist, dedication to excellence and continual learning, in addition to his commitment to the art of cycling make Dwayne an ideal fitter for you.

Team Wilpers Bike Fit