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45 Minute Peloton Technique Coaching Session

Train Smart • Improve Ride Quality • Maximize Efficiency

We're thrilled to introduce *Peloton Technique Coaching, the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your ride and optimize your performance. Our coaches provide personalized guidance and insights, helping you master the art of cycling technique. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our sessions are designed to enhance your comfort, efficiency and overall ride quality.

What to Expect
  • 45 minute, in-depth analysis of your cycling posture and form
  • Expert tips to maximize your power output and minimize strain
  • Personalized recommendations to enhance your pedal stroke and cadence
  • Real-time feedback for an immediate improvement in your riding
  • Q&A with our coaches to address your specific concerns
How it Works

In the comfort of your own home, set your phone on a tripod, table or chair, or, have a friend hold the camera for you. Your coach will call you via Zoom or Facetime. Once connected, your session will consist of three parts:

  • Initial assessment of your current fitness level, riding technique and goals
  • Technical analysis of your cycling form; providing detailed feedback on areas that may benefit from improvement such as posture, pedal stroke efficiency, cadence and resistance management
  • A follow-up email emphasizing technique, instructional videos, and/or feedback to help you refine your riding form and maximize workout efficiency. Your coach may also include specific drills and exercises that target different elements of your cycling technique

After you check out, we will email you a link to schedule your session.

*Coaching Sessions can be completed on a Peloton Bike, any indoor connected bike, or any road bike setup on a trainer.

Matt Wilpers Stroke Analysis - NYC