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45 Minute Virtual Stroke Analysis

Proper swim technique can not only make swimming much more enjoyable but also improve performance and prevent injury. As a competitive triathlete with a running and cycling background, the visual feedback and guidance I have received from coaches has completely changed my swimming and enhanced the effectiveness of my training sessions.

Our professional Swim Stroke Analysis is a great way to receive feedback from our expert coaches on how your body is currently moving through water, what changes you could make to improve and how to implement those changes using relevant drills and workouts. We work with beginners all the way up to the pro’s and all are welcome.

Using Skype (or the video chat platform of your choice), the assessment consists of three parts:
  1. Pre-Swim Interview
  2. Observation of swim video with athlete (Please make sure video provides view of stroke from side, front and back.)
  3. Discussion + Q&A
  4. Final Assessment (Includes a follow-up email listing out drill recommendations and workout suggestions).
Matt Wilpers Stroke Analysis - NYC